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WAH Nails Exhibit

This was theee hipster event of the week. WAH Nails is a newish nail place on Kingland Road in Dalston right beside Faulkner’s Fish and Chips (which according to cabbies is the best fish n chips in London). You can get all sorts of crazy stuff drawn on yr nails like cupcakes, bows, igloos, ANYTHING! They have a book to go through or you can bring in your own designs and they’ll do those as well.

Last night was the opening of the Wallfly Exhibition which is an art show showcasing poster artwork from local London promoters such as Upset The Rhythm’s Chris Tipton, Sexbeat, Skill Wizard, Twee As Fuck and more.

It’s a really cool idea. Some amazing pop art is made for gig posters and usually after the show it’s never seen again – lost in the interweb forever or on the floor of a night club.

Anyway back to the hipsters – all the promoters were there except Upset the Rhythm as they actually had their own night going on down at 93 Feet East (but I’ll get to that later). It was a FREE beer party which is going to attract people no matter what isn’t it? It was rammed. Rory from Twee was DJing – the free beer was Tiger beer which was sort of funny since Tiger Reid was the one promoting the show. They were selling zines for 20p. I am allergic to beer so I only stayed for 40 minutes before I started getting uber thirsty and jealous of everyone drinking.


So I left WAH and David and I rode bikes down to 93 Feet East to see the Upset the Rhythm WAVVES gig. The aforementioned Chris Tipton was there DJing between bands and I congratulated him on his poster artwork in WAH Nails – he was very modest.

WAVVES were awesome – people were crowd surfing. One guy even lost his shoe!

someone's missing shoe

They were playing another gig over in Camden afterwards with Fucked Up which I was VERY tempted to jump on the tube and go to but my companions all wanted to go home to bed and I didn’t feel like going alone. So after a short beigal shop stop (crunchy peanut butter for me) and a midnight shopping trip at Tesco’s I was safely home before midnight !! How very responsible of me. I even had time to ring my bank in Canada and do some adult boring stuff.

I’ll leave you with a new song from WAVVES… (I couldn’t catch the title)


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free sandwiches

I stopped by Bethan Elfyn’s monthly lunch time gig at the Social. It’s a really neat idea, you pay £1 entry and get all you can eat sandwiches and an hour long concert. She gets 3 bands on who all do 3 songs each. Later in the night they have a proper gig with full sets and it’s £2 to get in but there’s no sandwiches. I went last month when I was vegan so this time I finally got to enjoy the sandwiches and they weren’t bad ! Pesto + mozzarella + tomato for the vegetarian mmmmm….

The Momeraths

The Momeraths were on last and I loved their matching outfits and Slow Club – esque music (down to the girl playing drums on a chair !!) I’m sure loads of people have done that before but Rebecca Slow Club has really brought that back.

My band – The Duloks – was supposed to play a gig at Barden’s in the evening but poor Mira Dulok was barfing so we had to cancel. Abi Dulok and I felt so bad we offered our services anyway and I ended up DJing for the first 2 hours of the night and Abi Makes Music played her first solo gig in over a year ! Ended up being a really fun night – it was for some art magazine and everyone was wearing fake moustaches. I was impressed by the turn out for a TUESDAY at Barden’s Boudoir. When I started DJing there was only about 10 people in the club which meant I played just random stuff, anything I wanted which is always fun playing tunes REALLY loud to an empty room but it got busy (about half full).

djing with my moustache on

We also did an interview for the magazine which was erm… a bit difficult. Abi talked loads (thanks to alcohol confidence) but I couldn’t really think of much to say cos we weren’t asked any actual questions. I’m only critical as it’s not too hard to come up with a few questions – I mean even I can ask dumb questions (hear them at my podcast www.rockonlondon.com) Hahaha

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Sky Larkin – Levi’s ones to watch

The other night I was out watching Sky Larkin for the 6th time in 4 months or more ? They are possibly the band I’ve seen the most this year – lovely people ! That’s why I keep going. It was at the Hoxton Bar & Kitchen for a “Levi’s One To Watch” whatever that means… Diesel has their own showcases as well AND a radio station – clothing companies seem to be jumping on the indie music scene more than ever now. They don’t know how else to advertise !? I mean really am I going to go out and buy a pair of Levi’s now that I went to one of their gigs ?!? I used to buy them exclusively when I was a teenager but now I never buy them – they just don’t fit right and are too expensive.

jen and friends

Jen Long was in town with her friend Stephanie from NYC. Stephanie and I bonded by the fact that both our moms fell asleep during Hairspray the musical AND are named Jean. Haha. I don’t really know what happened next but I got very drunk and had a nice time hanging out with the Jen Long and friends crew and ended up taking 2 innocent boys to the Joiners Arms for late night drinks where I ran into Larry Tee (again!) that’s twice in 1 week. He might think I’m stalking him. Haha

Ken Kobayashi at the Road Trip

I’ve been to the Road Trip a total of ONE other time and that’s when the Duloks played a surprise birthday gig for Mike Kruger Magazine’s 30th. It’s not really a “gig” venue. More of an after work drink place but the cocktail menu does look mighty impressive – I had the espresso one before mmmm and next time I’m definitely trying out the Dark Mozart – cocktails that taste like desert are my kind of thing. When I was 19 White Russians were my drink of choice. I can’t believe I would actually go out on a Monday and down about 5 of them. Ick. Now I don’t even drink milk !!

ken & mira singing

Duloks friend and supporter and the ultimately cute – looks like he’s 12 years old – Ken Kobayashi was playing with his band. It was actually my first time seeing him and he’s lost his drummer 😦 so it was an acoustic set. Mira Dulok guested on the karaoke song totally improvised and I got mad at her after saying “you can remember the lyrics to Ken’s songs !?!? But not to ours !?!” Hahaha as Mira has a tendency to forget lyrics and is always sitting in practice with her laptop out.

I wandered around Dalston a lot this weekend as well making a brief appearance at the Stag’s Head where they had Viv Albertine from the Slits and Television Personalities playing a free gig. The gig was put on by these people www.citiesinthedark.com who do bicycle powered parties. There was only about 1 bike in the Stag powering the show (it’s way too small and crowded to fit anymore in) but their normal warehouse parties are AMAZING – join the mailing list to find out more ! I lost my favourite leather jacket, hoodie and ipod at the last one if that’s anything to go by. But look at how much fun I’m having in the picture. . .

cycling for electricity power

We also stopped by Club The Mammoth again where Electricity in Our Homes were playing but I missed Islington Boys Club again !! which is Dan & Ed Club The Mammoth’s band. I tried to start up another boardgame party to no avail. Saturday was spent hiding indoors watching Weekend At Bernie’s but I did venture out to say GOODBYE to Nick and Katherine who have moved to Indian as of Monday…sniff. All the Canadians I’ve met in London in the past 2 years have moved on to greener pastures. Sunday I tried out the Breakfast Club in Hoxton – which was so nice finally having a North American style breakfast sweet + savory ALL on one plate – nice! They had cute cups which made me a little homesick for British Columbia…

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I feel this video hasn’t embarassed me enough yet.

It’s my friend Jen and I DJing as Wayne & Garth of Wayne’s World fame on Halloween. It was probably one of the funnest DJ sets I have EVER done. We played tunes off both soundtracks and tonnes of rawk like Scorpions and Guns N Roses. We wanna keep doing it. So if you want to book us dress up as Wayne & Garth, staying in character and playing rawk tunes – get in touch! rockonlondon (at) gmail.com or leave a comment here.

So far we’re playing Club The Mammoth on January 22, 2010 at the Hobby Horse – 281 Kingsland Road, London. But well up for more gigs !

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I just got a message from Nardwuar the Human Serviette – YES! The infamous guerilla journalist from West Vancouver, BC, Canada. Nardwuar is famous for his research skills and loves bringing up random unknown facts in interviews and wowing his interviewees with his knowledge of them. He did an interview with the Gossip last month but before he interviewed them he messaged ME to get loads of “gossip” (haha – funny, no?) and old facts about the band.

It was filmed in Scratch Records – “the best record store in Vancouver” (sorry Zulu, Red Cat and Neptoon). I FINALLY sent them The Duloks CD so if you are in Vancouver you should be able to get it from Scratch EXCLUSIVELY very soon 🙂

Speaking of our record – Children of the Sea – someone is selling it on Amazon for £28.75 !!! How f-ing ridiculous!?!? If you want it you can buy it off ME for £5 or if you need me to mail it to you buy it from our myspazz and the appropriate postage will be added www.myspace.com/theduloks

I tried to set up my own Amazon account to sell it on there for an affordable price (£6) and the registration process blocked me for another 12 hours. Ugh. Automated codes, phone calls etc don’t work. We need people. Computers have glitches.

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I miss Club Motherfucker. I’ve played there 3 times (including NYE 2 years ago!), DJed there, pulled there and gone a zillion times over the years from upstairs at the Garage to Bardens. It used to be twice a month and it’s guaranteed that even if you have never heard of any of the bands you’ll probably have a good time. Last night I went to one of their new monthly Mofofests (which they are only doing 6 of).

Dansette Junior shoes

Dansette Junior's shoes

There was 6 bands on or something insane like that. I walked in when Bitches were playing. I didn’t really get to see them as it was so loud I ran to the loos to stuff some toilet paper in my ears and by the time I came out they were done. Just checked their myspazz and it says they’ve been played on Tom Robinson’s BBC 6Music show – how does the BBC do it? Can they say the name “bitches”?? Same goes with Toronto band Fucked Up (they’ve even done a Zane Lowe session) whenever you read about them it’s F*cked Up but on radio you have to say a band’s name it doesn’t really work otherwise. People can’t guess what you’re playing they need to be told.

Then there was a Canadian band – Dance Yourself to Death – on who I was particularly interested in checking out being they were Canadian – BUT sadly they fell into that category of “safe” Canadian music. I don’t know what it is about Canada but we have a thing about making really safe bland music. Like a band like Metric who don’t get me wrong have quite a few good songs but generally I’d describe them as “safe alternative music” you could play it for your Gran and be like “Gran this is what I’m into” and she’d be all like “That’s nice dear.” It’s not edgy or dangerous at all. That’s what I thought Dance Yourself To Death sounded like and with a name like theirs I was expecting something a bit more crazy or high energy (you know something to dance to).

The next band on totally made up for it tho with dance-ability AND energy Dansette Junior got people bopping along. They hail from Kentish Town and I filmed their best song on my camera phone – Drums and Bass – which mentions their neighbourhood quite a few times.

The night finished with Larry Tee DJing – YES, that’s right the dude who invented electroclash. He has moved to London after 20 years in NYC. We bonded over being sick of our North American cities and making the leap to move over to London. He’s a recent addition to East London’s population and told me he was going to Brick Lane to buy a bicycle today. Nice one. Join the club – I rode my bike home last night from Barden’s through the monsoon epic storm. I’ve never been more soaked in my entire life. I actually had to pour out the water from my shoes into our bath tub. Safe.

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…and here it is www.rockonlondon.com

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