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Not only had I been up at 7am for work, gone for a swim at lunch and then rushed home for a band practice… I then went out to 2 gigs, a club night and a house party. There was not a lot of sleep involved.

First up was Not Cool at the Old Blue Last – I’ve seen their name around loads, been featured on Last.fm and in Stool Pigeon (I think ?) I liked the name so thought I’d check them out. Wasn’t blown away but they weren’t bad just nothing I’d brag on about. Here’s them playing last friday……..

Next gig was the last performance EVER of Diskoboy. Us Duloks have played with them a few times over the years and they’re always really fun. They’re all in a new band called Man Flu minus one member so essentially the same band but COMPLETELY different sound. We played with Man Flu a couple weeks back at Club Mammoth – very very different. Pip was wearing shiney gold tights on stage (very brave for a boy!!)

pip's shiney gold tights

They had a man working the strobe light, a very busy Catch and they played for an entire HOUR! Their whole catalogue including the Donna Summer cover “I Feel Love”

Abi Dulok and I then journeyed down to Reeper Bahn – a synthy club night at a place around the corner from Cargo. I almost didn’t get in because I didn’t have ID and the bouncer wouldn’t believe I was 28. Abi was going to go on my facebook on her phone to prove to him but eventually he let me in.

show twins !!

My friend and I had the same shoes on the dance floor so I took a picture of our dorkyness.

After Reeper Bahn Abi and I were still up looking for an adventure and we ran into Casper C, Duncan and Tristan – 3 lovely Brighton boys on Hackney Road who invited us to a random house party – this is where the night got very messy and ended with me ringing my grandparents at 7AM from said house party on skype from my phone. I or should I say WE spoke to them for an HOUR !! I passed the phone around and everyone talked to them. It’s starting to become a habit for me. I ring my grandparents whenever I get wasted and with the time difference (they are 8 hours behind) they’re always up !!

I rang them the next day after sobering up to apologise but apparently it made their night and they were so HAPPY my granny is posting me £20 as a thank you !?!?! hahaha. amazing.


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