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….just returned home from a nice little afternoon gig. The Irrepressibles were playing. My friend Craig is playing various mouth instruments in the band (and that is not a metaphor). Really nice quiet little acoustic gig with half-naked boys and violins. Bumped into Pip Man Flu and Tall Neil – nice to know I wasn’t the only one bleary eyed at 1pm this afternoon.



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My favourite karaoke night and definitely thee best one in London returned on a regular basis last night. Run by Canadian married couple Mike & Jen, they used to have a residency at the Legion every Tuesday night for YEARS but for the past year have only been doing one off specials here and there at the Bethnal Green Working Man’s club and once a month Saturdays at the Lauriston Pub (who do ace pizzas).

The new night is every OTHER Wednesday at the Stag’s Head on Orsman Rd. The best thing about this night is after you sing you get to spin a giant prize wheel and have a chance to win Hot Breath homemade merch, charity shop finds or I won some Japanese seaweed rice cracker snacks! Haha. I sang the Trashmen’s Surfin Bird with my friend Anastasia and it may only be a few lines long but is super hard to do! There’s no room for breaths! When I handed the song in Mike said we were the first people other than him to do it EVER in the 5 year history of Hot Breath.

The weirdest part of the night was when Mike bet a guy £20 to sing AC/DC’s Back in Black wearing an anti-bark dog collar which emitted a chemical spray every time you moved your throat. Hilarious and kind of scary at the same time! I filmed the end of it

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Healthy Students

My favourite newish band from Vancouver FINALLY has a myspace –

Their members have ALL been in other Vancouver bands before but most notably Andy & Greg were in the Red Light Sting AND Al & Steve were in Witness Protection Programme. It’s kind of like a red witness light protection sting sandwich I guess!

Here’s a video I took of them when I saw them in June at the Astoria in Vancouver. It’s super short and shaky – like it should be. I miss Vancouver shows. Vancouver has the Olympics in a couple weeks and it’s been gentrified beyond belief but East Van still rules. I love you East Van. Please stay slightly rad, you are the only remaining cool-ish bit of the city and i lived in you for 23 years. The first 23 years of my life so pretty important!

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Last night was one of those epic Friday nights where you get home at 6am and realise you have been up for 23 hours and still aren’t completely tired.

My night started off at the Lexington to see new band Yuck. It was their first London gig and second gig EVER. It’s the new project of the Cajun Dance Party boys. I only heard about this band the other day thanks to my friend James Jam. Turns out my friend Mariko formerly of Levelload is playing bass in this band as well. I love this small world. They were SO so so pop. More than you would think from listening to the myspace. I liked them. Very tight but their songs are very long and for a new band I think it’s hard if your songs go on and on. Eep. Constructive criticism.

I had seen the next band – Fiction‘s name around a LOT but always avoided seeing them as I can’t stand the name. It’s not just that I think it’s a dull name but I also used to have a friend years and years ago in a band called Fiction and they weren’t very good. Ha. So by association I assumed Fiction would be bad. How wrong I was. They were AWESOME! And the bass player had the same bass as me! Exactly. Short-scale fender mustang in cream with tortoise pick guard. I like stuff like that. Makes me happy.

Fiction with the same bass as me

After the Lexington Mireia and I headed to Rag & Bone in El Paso’s basement. I’d never been to this night before. It’s pretty new and it’s proper rock’n’roll music. It wasn’t massively packed but give them a few more months and this night will soon pick up. It’s the first Friday of every month.

The third stop of the night was Tiger Reid’s going away warehouse party.

Tiger's Warehouse Party

Tiger is a London promoter who’s leaving us for Tokyo next week. It was HOT n very very sweaty. Lots of hipsters hanging out drinking, doing drugs and occasionally dancing. I’d never been to this space before. They used to do quite a few gigs there last year. It’s a cool space but SO hot. Oh and the toilets are so budget. Boys piss in buckets attached to the wall. It sounds better than it is trust me. Haha. I made a LOT of new friends, met loads of Canadians (I don’t know why there are suddenly thousands of us running around East London) and generally had an ace party time. I even went along to the house party at Tiger’s AFTER the warehouse party ended at 4am. Jesus.

Here’s a pic of one of the Canadians I met last night… I thought his moustache was RAD so he let me take a picture.

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How many times can I use “house” to describe where I was on friday night?

My band – The Duloks – got asked to play lovely Roller Girl Jess’ 26th birthday party which was in a converted warehouse space in north London. Home to 10 people I had no idea what it was going to be like – you say warehouse party to me and I think a bunch of 18 year olds on MDMA. Thankfully this was nothing like that. It was a proper adult home and they had made us home made quiche, korean sushi, cake and all sorts of yummy food.

Loads of free booze as well (maybe not a good thing in the end for me). We played to about 50 people… I got a video of Mira getting everyone to do the Mexican Wave.

The other band playing was Trash Kit – a newish 3 piece band on Upset The Rhythm featuring Ros from Electrelane. Who said she saw us 4 years ago and remembered a lot more shouting! Woo. Looks like we can actually play “music” now. Anyway, Trash Kit were really fun. They paint their faces, play post-punk-ish fun music (even a cover of There’s No Limits!!! which I thought was hilarious). They’ve got loads and loads of gigs coming up including one with MEN and another with the Vivian Girls. I’ll be at at least one of those.

The party went on to the wee hours… I don’t exactly remember getting home or what time I left but I did have FUN! I’ve even tried booking my new band to play their next party. Fingers crossed they have another!

Mira serenading the audience

rachel trash kit's legs

the racket out supporting duloks

i thought this girl looked like a mormon the way she was dressed...so i took a pic

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I do have a proper NYE / Canadian blog to come but with jetlag and all I’m falling behind.

My first night back in London even though I was massively suffering from jetlag/first day back at work tiredness I still went out. It was bitterly cold Monday night but I rode my bike up to the Stag’s Head . Being Jan 4th and a Monday is was relatively quiet for the Stag’s and really nice! Although massively freezing inside.

First up were No Cars – an uber cute shambolic group of Japanese girls. My friend Fidel warned me that No Cars reminded him a lot of the Duloks so I wasn’t sure what to expect as we really don’t have much in common other than being female and sometimes shambolic. Haha. They were quite funny live. The singer had a few good lines between songs and they kept calling themselves the “bridesmaids”. They did a cover of my all time favourite Ramones’ song – The KKK Took My Baby Away.

Let’s Wrestle were headlining. These boys have come a long long long way since I first saw them. They opened for us while still teenagers and possibly still at school years and years ago. Now their record was on loads of end of the year 2009 top album lists and they’ve toured all over. This always happens some tiny band opens for my band and then they go on to be bigger than any band I’ll ever be in…(eg Bat for Lashes, Kate Nash, Let’s Wrestle). I’m getting used to it now.

All in all a nice way welcome back to London with some bands and friends.

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