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I JUST watched the Olympic Hockey FINALS with Canada VS USA on BBC 2 primetime. It’s like a DREAM come true. We won the Gold in Women’s and tonight in the Men’s final. We’ve won 14 Gold Medals in total which is a NEW record AND the games are in Vancouver. My home town. Amazing.

This weekend I was planning on being productive but then of course I stayed out til 7AM and such. Oh what else is new eh?

Friday Night I went to the Lexington to see much-hyped Dum Dum Girls. They are part of the current crop of uber cool LA bands and over doing a “UK tour” which consists of 5 London gigs in a row. Haha… bands ALWAYS do that. I feel bad for the rest of the country. I love their sound and quite a few of their songs but I have to admit they are SO samey. After a whole set of them I’m a bit bored. A couple songs is all you need. And man do they dress SEXY! The second guitarist wasn’t even wearing a dress…just a bit of cloth that didn’t even cover her ass. I saw loads of it. Pfffft.

Then it was off to Reeperbahn – a monthly club night of synth / new wave / 80s stuff. The music is good. They had Luke Turner of the Quietus DJing and he played Pet Shop Boys so I was happy. The only annoying thing about this club is there’s only 2 loos and there is a minimum 20 min wait it seems as sooooooo many people are either doing drugs or massive poops. Haha.

Saturday night I ran around going to first a Tropical themed birthday party at the Green Man pub in Fitzrovia. I wore a sailor dress with anchors and made home made fish to stick on it. Vaguely tropical I guess.

Then it was off to some basement cocktail bar for many shots, cocktails and laughs….

After a LOT of Helen juice which is a new cocktail being made for the Social and named after the lead singer of my band Helen MacBain we went on to Anda De Bridge on Kingsland Road to see Casper Clark DJ and run into a zillion of my old friends, flatmates and ex boyfriends… and from there we went on to the Axe on Hackney Road which I’ve only been to once before and is open til 6AM. Jesus. Ran into Conor from the Thrills who decided to try and set me up with a 19 year old at 6AM. Haha. I wasn’t interested and wandered home in the rain with Babyface Dave ending up walking completely the wrong way up through Hackney. Whoops.


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… and I was supposed to have 2 new blogs from last weekend AND the weekend before but guess what I went and did this evening… ?? Broke my damn memory stick that the updates were on. Ugh. I’m tired from working 11 hours today and swimming and recording a new podcast and moan moan moan…….

So here instead is a lovely picture of the New Pornographers in ice skates

oh and a link to pitchfork where you can download a free mp3:

I can’t wait to see them in May in London! I miss them every frickin’ time they come here and they are one of my favourite Vancouver bands of all time and I’m proud to say I put on their 4th gig ever when I was 17. Haha. Yeah!

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Friday night went to Mike Kruger’s birthday drinks and met up with the Welsh crew. Felt like summer ALL over again as I spent every weekend last summer at a festival surrounded by all my lovely Welsh friends. Then it was off to Club NME for the SECOND Friday in a row – ha! People might start to think it’s my favourite club night when really I kind of hate it. I generally hate big places like Koko where they treat patrons like sheep herding you in and pushing you about. Everyone at Club NME seems to be on the pull! You can’t make eye contact with anyone, the drinks are expensive, it’s full of teenagers (yep – I’m one of those old people now) etc.

But the one shinning light at the end of the tunnel is they do put on pretty amazing bands and Friday night was no exception with Surfer Blood and Plugs. Even Huw Stephens from R1 was out checking out Surfer Blood. I really love their song “Swim (to reach the end)” – it’s so catchy! One of my favourites of the year so far (prob came out last year but WHATEVER). And they are friends with the Drums so they’ve got good taste. After the bands for some reason we all decided to go back to my livingroom to drink more and watch crap TV until 5am. Haha.

Saturday I DJed at the DMD girls’ night Girls Girls Girls at the newly renovated Old Blue Last. Man! That place is much wider now and there seems to be a new room downstairs !? Pens and La La Vasquez were playing. I felt like I was in some indie riot grrl gig back in Vancouver or Washington state. Back to my roots! Pens were really good. Really fun and smiley on stage which always makes me enjoy watching a band more if they themselves are having fun.

Nice shoes….

After the bands we had a mini dance party and I even played ROXETTE (ha!). There was an incredibly tall man doing pole dancing on the old pole left over from when the bar was in its old place. He was truly talented!

And there was even a guy wearing tape freaking out on stage….

We ended the night going to the Macbeth for a wee after party and some people went for soup at 5AM, I decided on cycling home past the bagel shop. Bad idea! I bought peanut butter and cheese cake! I will never ever get back into my old jeans – ugh !

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As promised for Mike Hot Breath here I am “blogging” about Thursday night 🙂

After living in London for almost 6 years I have FINALLY been inside the 100 Club – London’s most famous music venue.

I went to FINALLY see the wonder that is LIDL RICHARD but unfortunately due to poor planning and having to queue on the stairs to get in I only “heard” Lidl Richard and saw nothing! As I walked in he walked off stage. Massive fail.

I did however see this band – David Devant & His Spirit Wife – which is/was some 1996 Romo band I’m told. I had never heard of them before. It was great though! Solely due to the cult following they must have, the crowd was eating them up and everyone was at least 35+ which was refreshing as I’m so used to being at gigs made up of 18-21 year olds. There’s hope for me yet! I can still go to gigs for the next 20 years and it won’t be weird. The only thing I know about Romo is that Plastic Fantastic were the KINGS of Romo. My friend Stuart was once the singer of that band and he’s now known for having one of theee BEST mp3 blogs in the world – 20jazzfunkgreats Oh how people evolve….

This week I also went to CARDIFF with The Duloks to play at gig at Jen Long & John Rostron’s newish night FLUX=RAD at the Cardiff Arts Institute. It’s every Tuesday night and completely FREE (except this Tuesday coming up as they have Beach House playing).

They make really good food (I had hallumi, garlic, tomato risotto mmm) Jen gave us a lovely rider including her Nan’s homemade welsh cakes.

The gig was pretty small but still kind of fun in the end… maybe too much talking. I think I shouted at Mira and Abi to “shut up” while we were on stage. Haha.

Best dressing room EVER! Look how cool this wall is….

We drove back that night and I got to bed at 530am. All for the love of Wales.

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The past week / weekend (erm dated January 25th) has been pretty amazing as far as shows and nights out.

Good Shoes – Stag’s Head Mini Fest

My friend Wilfred was playing in BOTH opening bands for the Thursday night Good Shoes gig. His new band The Disappearers reminded me a LOT of Pavement. I think it was mostly the singer’s singing style which was a speaking/singing thing ala Stephen Malkmus. This was their second gig EVER (the first one being a few hours before at the under 18s show in the same venue). Actually this should really count as their FIRST gig because apparently only 1 paying punter came to the under 18s show and they only played to 7 people (4 of them being Good Shoes).

This was the first not-free gig I’d ever been to at the Stag’s and it was quite enjoyable! I could see and actually comfortably watch all the bands. Hooray! Good Shoes played loads of new songs, a couple covers and a few of their old hits BUT not my favourite song which is “Never Meant to Hurt You”

Wayne’s Girls DJ set

Friday night Jen and I did our second instalment of Wayne’s Girls where we dress as Wayne and Garth from Wayne’s World and DJ songs from the movies and other rawk tunes the boys would like. We played Club The Mammoth at the Hobby Horse and once the sound was sorted it was ACE! A couple people got their photos with us and we got drunk on free whiskey and cokes. Popped over to the London Fields pub where Ricky Haley (of Liars Club) was DJing and then home.

Frankie & the Heartstrings – Lock Tavern

Sunday was Happy Huw Year! Radio 1’s Huw Stephens’ mini weekend tour of new amazing bands finished in London at the Lock Tavern. I missed the first 2 bands due to poor London transport and food/hunger issues. Frankie and the Heartstrings were ace as usual especially in their tiny space. I literally had the bass players neck of his bass in my face through the set dodging it if he started to rock out too much. I really love their song Hunger and Fragile was really really GOOD live.

Final Fantasy / Lightspeed Champion

This show was sold out and I didn’t think I’d be able to go BUT the aforementioned Wilfred was nice enough to give me 2 tickets to this gig as he couldn’t go. I walked in to Dev / Lightspeed Champion playing solo (without a band) which I had never seen before. I hadn’t seen Dev since Reading 2008! He moved away the week after to NYC. So it was nice seeing him and having a little catch up. He’s got a new record out called Life Is Sweet! Nice to Meet You on Domino. It came out today and funny enough Dev is playing tonight but with his other project Blood Orange at the Old Blue‘s Haiti benefit. I was supposed to go but am staying in blogging! Ha. What a life. Oh and Dev still says (and this is what he told me years ago when he first started Lightspeed) that he would describe his music as “bad Fleetwood Mac, like none of the good stuff just the bad songs” – Best description of a band EVER!

looking scared while dev thinks

Before this night I’d only ever seen Owen Pallet play in the Hidden Cameras and that was years and years ago. It was a perfect gig to be set in the Union Chapel. My only complaints are a) it was FREEZING in there and b) the over-sensitive lady sat next to me. I took my phone out to put it on silent just as Owen was going on stage and she started complaining about the light from the screen on her eyes… I told her I was just putting my phone on silent but she kept bitching at me! Jesus. Give me 10 seconds lady just to put it on silent. I was trying to be all polite but some people are WAY too uptight.

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Welcome to February !

Ok here’s my problem. I can’t keep up with this blog and how many gigs / parties I actually go to. I’m well behind. I start blog posts and never finish them and now they seem well out of date to post. So this blog MAY indeed jump from dates and be out of sync. I think it’s the only way I’ll actually be able to cover most things.

This weekend I saw Sack Sabbath the Black Sabbath tribute band perform for 90 minutes at Barden’s !! Gosh. It was intense. There were a few fights !! One involving the drummer of Invasion – some dude spilt his whole drink over her. Jerk. I was planning to “not drink” this night and go home straight after the bands… how long did that last, huh?

A Coors mesh trucker hat / flat cap !?!?……..

After the gig we went to Vincent’s for a little party and I didn’t cycle home until 7AM. So much for having an early night. I did however meet the drummer in the Drums – Conor Hanwick – and hopefully I’ll be interviewing him sometime soon for my podcast. That is if I ever get the courage to actually ring him.

we switched glasses

more nerds with glasses

Oh and Thursday night I was also supposed to have a quiet one after band practice BUT Jen Long was in town so that means PARTY! We went to the Stag’s Head for Trash Kit and I bumped into one of the boys I’d met previously at Tiger’s Warehouse party. Eep. A little awkward. Then on to Mother Bar (which is AWFUL) to pick up Anastasia and then to South of the Border (basement of El Paso) where Veronica Falls had been playing. We missed them but there were still enough peeps around to hang out and have a laugh with… I finally made it home at 2AM ditching Jen and Anastasia who went on to Girlcore.

Friday night I ventured to Club NME with Michael Your Twenties in tow. We hadn’t hung out in ages and this was probably the most uncool place I could have taken him. Oh well. Official Secrets Act were playing so it was nice to see Lawrence albeit very briefly by the side stage door. I did get a couple propositions while I was waiting outside for Michael. It’s nice to know considering I’ll be 29 in 2 weeks that I still have teenagers hitting on me. Woo!

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