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i love the neon

Went to an intimate gig at Premises Studios tonight. It was my friend Rod AKA Bright Light Bright Light‘s record label showcase. There was free beer, Ribena, corn nuts and Starburst. I love Rod and I love his music, it’s so wonderfully poppy and cheesy. Ace of Base is his favourite band so you couldn’t expect anything else from him…

Here’s a remix of my favourite song of his “Good Times”


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Without realising it I’ve been to a gig every night in the past week. Wow. I hadn’t even noticed.

Tuesday I saw Darwin Deez at White Heat, this was his first gig of this UK tour and man it was busy! Between songs him and his bandmates do synchronised dance moves to backing tracks of pop songs – very ridiculous but amusing to watch especially if it’s your first time as it was mine.

On Wednesday not exactly a gig per se but I did my every other week karaoke time at Hot Breath – this night winning 2 t-shirts and singing Abracadabra (which is a GREAT song except this was the Sugar Ray version y-u-c-k) and You Give Love a Bad Name.

Thursday the Duloks played a Spanish gig at the Queen of Hoxton. The band we were playing with was Bla – Luis and Belen of Elastico Flexiclub‘s new band from Madrid. They once put us on in Madrid and it was one of the best gigs/nights of my life. 1000 crazy Spaniards screaming and cheering. Totally amazing! We also had our soundcheck filmed for a Spanish media web site www.bigbadlondon.com and did a little interview. They gave us a bottle of Gin for our time. Haha.

Our friend Adrian had flown in from Los Angeles that day and come straight to the gig. He thought he would make it through but he ended up sleeping backstage through the entire gig / night. I got my photo with him….

Friday night was Anastasia (and Rory & Daniel)’s night Baby Honey at Buffalo Bar. They had 2 bands over from Scandinavia, Twig and Cats of Fire – both bands reminded me of The Potatomen (Larry Livermore, founder of Lookout! Records’ old band). Oh and both bands borrowed my bass guitar which was really entertaining for me to watch a tall Swedish man with crazy long hair playing my tiny short scale mustang. I took lots of pictures!

Saturday I ended up at Club Mofo‘s 7th birthday party which even had cake, WAH nails and loads of bands. First up was Cruella Ribbons – an amusing lady with a keyboard and 50s hair style.

I missed the next band as I visited the Moustache Bar next door and finally met Patrick of Veronica Falls who loved my saddle shoes and told me one of the only reasons he’s in a band is to one day (hopefully) be interviewed by Nardwuar the Human Serviette. I told him I would message Nardwuar and tell him that but I haven’t yet…

This was my first time seeing Friendship. I met the one who isn’t the drummer once when he was pretty drunk. I don’t think he really liked me. He was a bit weird. Anyway, the sound was SO bad through their set, the mic kept popping and crackling that I don’t think I could even give them a review. It just wouldn’t be fair.

Next up were T33TH who have just started a tour with New Young Pony Club !?!? Seriously, they are playing Portsmouth tonight and they are going to scare NYPC audience. I love T33TH and I love NYPC but I really don’t get the pairing. Oh well. First and last time I saw T33th was actually their first gig everrr and I was DJing and it was a Club Mofo as well. Nothing has changed!!

Sunday I was lucky enough to be a friend’s plus 1 to the uber sold out Beach House / Grizzly Bear gig at the Roundhouse. First time at this venue. It’s quite clinical, all metal poles and railings. I think I would prefer seeing these bands in a sit down theatre type venue. I picture the Orpheum or the Vogue from Vancouver being the perfect venues. Still really enjoyed it though my legs were aching by the end.

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A little bit of self promo here BUT my newest band – The Racket – that I play bass in played our FIRST gig EVER on Saturday night at the Old Blue Last in East London. It was so much fun! I was reeeeally nervous as it was the first time I was playing bass on stage in 8 years! About 200 people came down to watch us and we were first on!

My friend James Jam filmed the entire gig and posted the songs on youtube while only the 2nd band was on. Now that is technology for you! We live in an internet world indeed.

So here’s a video I nicked from his blog – http://hearyoume3.blogspot.com/2010/03/band-i-saw-tonight-that-i-liked-lot.html You can go there and watch ALL 6 of our songs.

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… came to town this week and they brought a load of people from my past with them. It was truly a Vancouver reunion of sorts on Tuesday night at the Scala – I LOVED it.

I hadn’t seen HHH play in about 5 YEARS! The last time I can remember seeing them is when their second album – Elevator – was just being released and they did a couple small elite gigs in Vancouver and I DJed them. That was the last time I DJed in Vancouver.

Anyway they mostly played songs from that record and Make Up the Breakdown which is good because I have no clue about any music they’ve done in the past 5 years. It would have been brilliant if they’d have played some Matty stuff too but we all know that’s NEVER going to happen. Chris Tait of Vancouver band China Town fame (remember them….anyone??) was on tour with HHH as merch boy AND Denny an old friend from Vancouver apparently just showed up in Dresden, Germany with the clothes on his back to join the tour. Haha. Amazing. That’s how we Vancouverites role….

After the gig we all got very drunk backstage, ended up out on a street corner and Paul HHH and Ryan Dahle picked me up – one had my feet and the other my arms and attempted to twist me like a pretzel. That doesn’t work. Mar cannot be made into a pretzel. Sorry.

Still looking for a place to drink we ended up at the Lexington where I was happily surprised to bump into Leonie Cooper – journalist extraordinaire serving as bar maid. It all got a little fuzzy from here on in…

My exciting news for this weekend is tomorrow my new band – The Racket – which I’m playing bass in is playing our first gig EVER Saturday night, March 6th, at the Old Blue Last. We’re on at 9pm and our set is only 15 mins!! 6 songs. It’s totally shambolic rock n roll.

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