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I’ve been so exhausted recently. Feel like all I do is sleep. It’s been sunny everyday for the past 2 weeks and I’ve hardly been out in it at all. I must look like a ghost compared to everyone else. Managed to get out to 2 gigs this week though….

Wednesday –
Marina Gasolina formerly of Bonde Do Role has a new solo project (with a band of course!) and they played their first gig EVER on Wednesday at Buffalo Bar. My friend Tony is playing guitar in the band. All the songs were really varied – some punk, a total RAWK cover, some slide guitar and even more backing track based pop. Igor from NYPC is also in the band.

Here’s a video of their cover of AC/DC’s TNT:

Thursday night was a special weekday DMD night. I’d never seen Please before but they were ace! The singer/guitar player was like a rubber Gumby doll bouncing around to all the songs. Surprisingly GOOD. The other guitar player was well fit as well. Haha. Yay to cute boys in bands.


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Today I woke to some shitty shitty news. Devon drummer of You Say Party! We Say Die! has died suddenly this weekend.

The band were playing a gig on Friday night at Vancouver’s Rickshaw Theatre when he collapsed on stage and was rushed to hospital with a brain hemorrhage, after some emergency surgery and being on full life support for about 24 hours he died early this morning at age 30.

AGE 30! That’s unreal and so unfair.

I was soooooooo looking forward to seeing You Say Party next month on their European tour as I hadn’t seen any of them since I was last in Vancouver last June. Actually Devon was basically the last person I hung out with as we were at a house party together my last night in town. My last memories of him are dancing like a maniac to some cheesy music in a sweaty basement in Strathcona and talking drunk crap standing around in a backyard. He was a really fun guy, great drummer and all around rad dude. He will be missed.

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Last week I went to Brighton with my new band – The Racket – to play a gig. I was really excited because we were opening for Hunx and his Punx which is Seth from Gravy Train!!! and Pantyraid‘s new band. I’ve known Seth for 11 years. I can hardly remember how we first met but I think it must have been through Otto Matik of the Prima Donnas. However it happened, Seth and I used to be penpals when we were teenagers and he had this amazing new wave record label that put out Luxo Champ, Prima Donnas, The Causey Way and he sent me loads of amazing music which I still have to this day!

I don’t think we met in real life until we played together back in Vancouver. He was in Gravy Train!!! and I was in the Ewoks. Last time I saw him was about 5 years ago at Club Motherfucker in London. So this gig was quite a reunion for me. It was also the Racket’s second gig ever so we were quite nervous. Lots of our friends came down on the train from London (the whole DMD crew was there and half of Baby Honey – represent!).

Hunx and his Punx is made up of Seth on lead vocals, a very outwardly camp gay man, he did at one point describe a song as “this next song’s about gay sex” and his backing band of 4 female punkettes singing about love, gay sex and rock n roll. The punkettes all wear matching bowties and shirts and have 60s boufont hair. It’s really cute.

After the gig we went back to one of the promoters houses with the whole Hunx band and the middle band, Nottingham’s Human Hair. I don’t know who’s idea it was (probably one of the American’s) but I turned around and a game of spin the bottle had started. I eagerly joined as I hadn’t played since I was 13! Hilarity ensued and by the end of the night I had kissed Seth, a punkette, a Human Hair and a few more party-goers. It was like being a kid again!

Already booked back to play Brighton on June 18th and looking forward to more sunny seaside sloppy party times in B-town.

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The Hidden Cameras

I love this band. It had been 6 years since I saw them last (terrible I know!) but they truly are one of my favourite bands to watch. Catchy tunes, lots of people on stage, dancing, smiling and fun. Joel Gibb aka main Camera man now lives in Berlin (moving from Toronto) so you’d think I’d get to see them more but I always miss them when they are here.

Anyway, as they are old friends I got dragged on stage to play tambourine which was SO embarrassing. People always assume because I play drums I must have rhythm – this is a LIE. I can’t really play tambourine. I kind of suck. John Power (the HC’s drummer) was very nice though and helped me along the way. Since the gig I have had Walk On in my head EVERYDAY. Here’s a little crappy video I took of it…

Divorce / Stag’s Head

The next night I went to see Glasgow’s Divorce at the Stag’s Head. It was Belle DMD’s birthday and loads of people came out. I was kind of ill though and had a coughing fit during Divorce’s set and had to runaway to the bar. Oops. There was a crazy party after the gig that I missed but involved the bands and pool swimming and drinking. Meh! I love that sort of stuff.

6Music Protest

Saturday was the “Save 6 Music” protest outside Broadcasting House which I went down to observe / take part in. I would describe it as sort of a “bad festival” – it rained, I couldn’t hear anything/see anything and I lost all my friends. Everyone there seemed to either A – work at BBC or B – be in a band or C – be in the music industry somehow. It was alright but I’m not sure it’ll change the trust’s mind. Let’s hope all the other emails / petitions have worked.


I went to Halifax, NS this past week to visit my mom and along the way checked out an art closing at the Khyber (infamous thanks to Joel Plaskett), visited an underground Speakeasy, tried a pickled egg for the first time AND saw the amazing Wolf Parade.

I hadn’t seen Wolf Parade since they played the Brickyard in Vancouver 6 years ago. This was surprisingly their first gig EVER in Halifax even though they’ve been around for 6-7ish years and they are from Montreal which is really not THAT far.

The gig had been sold out for ages and was at the Paragon which used to be the Marquee – where I spent all of Halifax Pop Explosion 2001. So not only was it my first time seeing Wolf Parade in 6 years but it was also my first time back in that venue in 9 years. God, I’m getting old but still not old enough to not worry about ID. I’ve gotten so used to living in London where pubs/clubs hardly ID it completely slipped my mind and I left my wallet in my stepmom’s car. I thought I might be able to blag it as I had my BBC work ID on me and come on? If I have a job at the BBC I’m probably going to be over 19! Anyway, my friends were like that’s not going to work…so I ended up having to order a cab, sending them down the 103 to get my license and driving it back to me in Halifax. Most expensive mistake. Oops.

The show was so hot n sweaty (it had been 23 degrees in Hali that day) and overly sold out. They went on about 11:30pm (I know! Shows in Canada are so much later than British ones. I mean doors weren’t even until 9pm) and they played for like an hour and a half. It was crazy. I only really know the first album – Apologies to the Queen Mary – but it was all really good. Dante aka Tex (ex Hot Hot Heat) plays bass/guitar in the band and he’s been in the band for 5 years! Ha I didn’t even know that. So out of the Canadian loop sometimes. It was ace having a West Coast (as even though Wolf Parade are from Montreal they are all Vancouver Island boys) reunion on the East Coast. Can’t wait til their next London gig. Crazy Canadian drunken times will ensue I’m sure.

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Back from Canada

Home today and massively jetlagged. Proper update soon but for now 5 Things I Will Miss About Nova Scotia and 5 Things I Will NOT Miss….

My Dog
My Mom
Centennial Swimming Pool

Expensive Booze
Expensive Food
Bad Public Transportation
The Hospital

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