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It’s that time of year again MAY which means yet another ATP fun filled weekend at Butlins Minehead! I made the mistake (as I think most people did) of buying tickets asap to the uber sold out Pavement curated ATP before knowing any of the line up and as it worked out the Matt Groening one was half empty but had a far superior line up. Oops. Next time I will know to follow my Simpsons heart and go with MG.

But it was still an amazing weekend with lots of drunken antics, splashworld, cute boys, bands and I didn’t end up in A&E this time!


– Lucy sneaking in a full bottle of prosecco
– Anastasia sleeping under a coffee table
– Everyone in Finnegan’s fish & chips shop singing along to “Stereo” during Pavement
– Watching the Fall from Burger King
– People crowd surfing to Omar Souleyman
– Going down slides and playing in Splashworld with Surfer Blood

Anastasia asleep under our coffee table…

The best thing I saw all weekend was Omar Souleyman. A Syrian pop legend. He’s been making music since 1994 and according to the internet has released 500 albums – I have absolutely no idea how that is possible !?!? He played for 2 hours in Reds and people went ballistic, crowd surfing and dancing. I just HAD to see him again (plus I really wanted to buy a t-shirt) so found out he was playing the Scala Monday night when I returned to London. I literally popped home for a 2 hour power nap and ran out again.

I just love the fact that every song pretty much sounds EXACTLY the same give or take the tempo of the drum machine. He’s got about 3 different moves that he alternates as well, shaking the mic, clapping and gesturing with both hands up for more love from the crowd. He does these moves while strolling back and forth across the stage occasionally singing or shouting “eh! eh! eh!” At the Scala he had a dancer on for a few songs and was accompanied by a keyboard wizard and guy on guitar. I definitely recommend checking him out he’s got loads of summer European dates and possibly some in America.

After the Scala I raced on my bike over to the Stag’s Head to try and catch the end of the Crocodiles who I reeeeally wanted to see. Unfortunately it was all over by the time I arrived. Typical! Still I met Robin Crocodile who was lovely and her best friend lives in Vancouver so we had something random in common. Completely missed Human Hair who I hadn’t seen since we played spin the bottle in Brighton last month, speaking of which there ended up being a late night spin the bottle game at the Stag’s and even Matty and Zack snogged! Photographic evidence once the Bluetooth on my phone starts working properly!


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I think it’s guaranteed I will like a band called Best Coast as I too am from the Best Coast (aka West Coast). All hail the Pacific Ocean and those who live on it’s shores, one of those special residents is Bethany Cosentino aka the woman with one of the most beautiful voices in indie music at the moment. Their song When I’m With You makes me feel all warm and funny inside. It was the first song I ever “loved” on Last.fm (I’ve been a member for 5 years!) so we’re talking big deal here!

I’ve been waiting since early January (when I first heard When I’m With You) for Best Coast to make it over to the UK and my dream finally came true last night at White Heat. Truthfully I would have preferred seeing them practically anywhere other than Madame JoJos, as a venue it’s just rubbish. They have a stalker toilet attendant who’s been making girls feel uncomfortable since 2005 (or possibly longer!). They advertise £2 vodka + mixers but no matter how many I’ve had I’ve NEVER been drunk. Last night I wasn’t drinking so went for a soda water with a wedge of lime in it (not even cordial and not even pint sized) and was charged £1.50. It’s always full of boys too young for me, lots of tourists and when a hyped band like BC plays it’s so rammed it’s gotta be a fire hazard.

Besides all that I fucking loved Best Coast, the banter about UK weed being OK between songs, the fact I’m sure they had the drummer from the Vivian Girls on drums and then of course when they played When I’m With You my heart melted and it was all ok that I’d spent a night out in a Soho dive. People compare them to Dum Dum Girls and all that other stuff coming out of LA / America at the moment. Fuck that. Best Coast are way way better, they’ve got better tunes and way better stage presence. I actually felt like I knew them (and obvs I don’t but I do follow them on Twitter) that’s a really good skill as a band I think.

So yeah if you’re in the UK, Germany, going to Primavera OR got tickets to their next already sold out London gig at the Old Blue (May 12th) check these ladies and a dude out! It’s well worth it I promise.


I have been ill for 1000 years it seems but I think it’s because I rarely sleep or ever stop talking. Haha. I can admit it I TALK A LOT !!! So having a sore throat is not a new thing, losing my voice 3 times over the bank holiday weekend even though I didn’t drink (!) well that’s just UNFAIR!

Friday night I ventured out in the tsunami rain to the Stag’s Head for the Moshi Moshi night – it was literally like a youth club in there! Completely divided. One side of the bar had all the regular Stag’s types, the other side (the side with the stage) had all these teens dancing to dance music of all things. Haha. I’d actually never seen that there before but it’s good to branch out. I was really good and went home at 2AM.

Saturday I went on a disasterous date with a boy, getting caught in the rain and hail, getting all my clothes soaked through and spending Saturday night in trying to get warm and not become more ill. I missed the DMD girls’ GGG night which I NEVER miss and the Camden Crawl. Oops.

On Sunday some friends had organised a Weezer Tribute band to play Barden’s for their friend’s 30th. The Pens girls did a Blink 182 tribute and I found out Clare James Clare has recently joined Pens. I’ve known Clare for 6 years and she’s ACE so congrats to Pens for getting her.

My Weezer trivia is that I was actually number 234 in the Weezer fanclub when I was 14. I was there at the beginning man! I even had penpals from that fanclub, one of which is Matt Gringo of Nottingham who runs Gringo Records and we’re still friends to this day (15 years later), the other was Brian Bell’s little sister Leia Bell. I haven’t spoken to her in 10 years, last I knew of her she got married and lived in Salt Lake City…oh the memories.

Right so this Weezish band used to be the UK’s only Weezer cover band 5 years ago but are now a Killers cover band called The Fillers, this was just supposed to be a one off special but the crowd went ballistic! Part of the ceiling fell down, people were crowd surfing, there were many stage invasions, the poor lead singer kept getting the microphone slammed into his front teeth – by the end of the set they weren’t even singing or using the mics as the crowd had gotten so wild and everyone knew all the words anyway and was singing along. I made a little video of “Say It Ain’t So” but I don’t think it really gives the crowd justice as to just how mental they went. I think we should all write to them and get them to go back to the Weezer and give up the Killers! We all know which one is cooler….

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