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It’s true, my band of the last 4.5 years is finally calling it a day. We’re having one last massive party / gig on August 14th in London Fields and it would be ACE if everyone we’ve ever known or even new friends came. It’s going to be pretty special. We have Bolt Action Five reforming (who broke up 2 years ago) and Hot Breath Karaoke (best karaoke in London).

Venue Details:
The 2nd Floor Cafe and Venue
ENTRANCE ON Bocking Street – Netil House, 1-7 Westgate Street E8 3RL
London, United Kingdom

Loads of my friends are talking about how sad it is that the Duloks are breaking up but I think it’s kind of time anyway. We’ve pretty much done everything you can as a small indie band, released singles, an album, done a R1 session, played countless festivals, recorded for the BBC, toured Germany 7 times, been to France, Norway, Spain, Austria, Ireland with the band. It’s been an amazing ride and one I wouldn’t change for the world. I met so many friends through the Duloks, actually basically all my best friends now have been met through the band. I’ve seen small towns in Germany, learned to be a team player and have a huge collection of American Apparel short shorts. It’s been great.

See you all August 14th for one last Star Trail. Hell, even my mom is coming!


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