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I’m soooo lazy this blog was supposed to be posted weeks ago. So here it is in brief!

It’s been a while. Here’s a quick recap. The other week I saw my first Alexisonfire show and made some new Canadian friends – (e.g. Alexisonfire) which is always nice. I like Canadians!!! I am one but living in London for the last 6 years I don’t get to meet new ones that often and especially ones who have loads in common with me. Turns out George and Wade from Alexisonfire used to know my very first band – The Riff Randells – and even saw us 10 years ago (I sound massively old now!)

I was lucky enough to watch the gig from side stage at the Forum and it was AMAZING, even if you aren’t into their music the amount of energy they put into their show, constantly bouncing about the stage and all the kids going nuts in the audience. Their encore is the same length as a normal set (about 30 mins!) and George climbed the balcony. For someone who before that night could not name an Alexisonfire tune I had a massive grin on my face and was bopping along the whole way through.

After the gig George got donair and chips which we assumed meant a wrap with chips but it was literally just greasy meat on chips!! ick.

A sad bit of news that happened to me that same week. My bike snapped in half while I was riding it. Scary stuff! Luckily it was the middle of the day and I wasn’t riding very fast when it happened. But he pole which connects the handle bars & the front wheel snapped randomly which left my bike in 3 pieces and me flat on the pavement. Below is a pic of what it looked like after the accident. But after £50 worth of work it’s all back together again – YAY! Though I am very weary when I ride it.

That same bike accident day I jumped on a coach and went to Cardiff to play a gig with my band the Racket. We were playing a gig in Jen Long’s infamous kitchen (last time I had been there BBC R1 had been recording the gig). The drummer in our band went to Ireland to visit a girl and our guitar player had broken her fingers 😦 sooo we had the lovely Tom & Mike from Official Secrets Act playing guitar and drums for us (without ever having a formal practice with them once!!) and surprisingly it went amazingly well! One of my favourite gigs of the year. Jen’s new band – Effort – played as well and new Bristol friends.

After the gig we went out to see Canadian solo man Diamond Rings and Jen are I DJed as Wayne’s Girls. There was lots of dancing and maybe some disgusting food being eaten on the way home (including a chicken burger with a hashbrown on it mmm).


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i spent my halloween weekend playing drums in the duloks, dressing as a smurf and hanging with you say party. we had been working on this 7-inch release for the past 1.5 years and it’s finally come out. you say party VS the duloks out on club.the.mammoth records. woop! it’s got 4 songs. go buy it. artwork by derek from you say party. and it’s one of the last releases/recordings with devon clifford playing drums. we cover each others songs – it’s cute. trust me.

saturday night was our big record release gig and i was getting a lot of slack from people as the duloks “officially” broke up in august when we had our “final” gig ever. and here it is the end of october and we’re playing again…. well, it was a special one off is all i can say! for special canadian friends and new records. we have broken up, but if the right gigs / offers come along we’re still available for one off parties and shows. we’re just not an active band.

the gig was really fun. becky joined us on stage for “don’t wait up” our cover of a ysp song and “star trail” which ysp covered for the 7-inch. everyone dressed up – i was a smurf, abi dulok was a school girl who’d just got her period (disgusting!) and all of ysp were animals including stephen who was a “motherfucking butterfly!” and rob and becky in the above photo as a raccoon and an owl.

i made a dodgy video of ysp playing “suck it” which i don’t think they normally play but they learned especially for this gig as it’s on the 7-inch.

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