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3 Weeks in to life in Berlin and wow there’s a lot to get used too.

I love how friendly everyone is, everything is a lot closer, the bike lanes, even the rain is less intense than British rain (I can cycle through it!), the yogurt is MUCH better too.

But I miss sooo many things I thought I wouldn’t like quorn and fake meat products (the ones here are pretty bad), cheese (hallumi and cheddar can’t find it anywhere), my bike helmet, lifts (elevators), diet coke, (never thought I would say this but) London booze prices, sainsburys and most importantly my friends and their bands.

Here’s some London friends of mine who’ve just released via soundcloud an EP of songs. The lovely French Kissing boys of Newington Green. You’ll find them hanging around most pubs from Stokey down to Shoreditch.

Now all we need to do is bring them over to Berlin armed with cheese and quorn products to give out, their show would be a sell out for sure! Go have a dance for me to French Kissing’s fuzzy guitar drenched rock n roll.


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Right so I moved to Berlin, kind of why I haven’t updated here for ages.

It’s great. I speak nein Deutsche. ha!

I’m working at Motor Entertainment.

So far this has been my best musical discovery in the last 3 days. Polar Dear from Budapest / Odessa. Fucking brilliant pop music, this could be playlisted on Radio 1, fuck it should be!

Anyway, if enough people like this band we can keep them in Europe, dude is moving to Montreal to work at a bank when he should be making pop music. REPOST !

Polar Dear – Even If I’m Late from Polar Dear on Vimeo.

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