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I have been busy and not getting enough sleep which means I’ve been neglecting to “blog” about my life. I went to Latitude, ATP and Cardiff in the past 2 weeks.

It was my 5th Latitude to date. I only missed the first one (they’ve had 6). It’s kind of my favourite festival but this year had their lamest line up to date. Paul Nutini!?! Still I went, I partied, I enjoyed.

I think my highlight was definitely seeing Adam Ant. Been a fan for years and years, and though he may be 56 and have man boobs now, he was still the best. I have to say I think he’s sleeping with one of his backing singers as they had WAY too much chemistry on stage – lots of grabbing, winks and smiles. Haha. Prove me wrong! He didn’t play my favourite songs but he did play LOTS of hits, so it was perfect.

I went with my buddy Jen Long and her fellow BBC Introducing buddy Ally McCrae from Glasgow. He was the tallest/skinniest man ever. Look how funny we look together!

Last weekend I got the coach to CARDIFF ! First time in Wales this year (and won’t be the last, going to Green Man in a couple weeks). Jen’s moving house so it was theee last infamous house party gig. Four bands played in the kitchen including – Deaf ClubCut RibbonsDrains – Dancers (third gig ever). For the last song EVER played we put an impromptu band together at the end (Mike, Jen and I) and played one Racket song haha was so funny.

Caught the coach back early Sunday morning and went straight to ATP Portishead at Alexander Palace. Holy crap! Never been up that way before (in my 7 years of living in London) but WOW best view in London. Totally blown away by how beautiful it was, also it was a lovely sunny day so that helped. You could see all of London. The festival itself had a few problems, nothing major, but as it was the first ATP at that location they are working on ironing out the kinks. Truthfully I was so exhausted I only made it to the end of Grinderman and then retreated back home so actually missed headliners Portishead. Sometimes sleep is more important than music.


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“What I can remember from the weekend May 13-16 2011”


Never have I arrived so EARLY to an ATP but cheap train tickets and keen chalet mates meant we arrived on site at 1:30PM (and our train was late!!) Well apparently you can check in from noon but you can’t get into your chalet til 4PM, so for future reference there is no reason to show up before 3PM other than you’ll beat any queues – this ATP only sold half the tickets so there were no queues anyway!

During our 2 hour wait, I had a gross jacket potato at the Sun & Moon pub which I had never visited before and now I know why.

It didn’t surprise me this ATP didn’t sell out, Animal Collective weren’t the right curators. They didn’t pick very good bands and there was no real festival headliner which is why I’m guessing they didn’t have the big pavilion stage they normally do. It was a little sad as this is apparently the last May ATP and with only half the tickets sold and one stage missing, it did feel a little bit like a dying festival. Still this is my account of what I can remember from an amazingly FUN weekend.

The first night I ran around and saw a bit of Black Dice (awful, I am totally not into this band), Dent May (quite funny and charming), Big Boi (probably one of the best things ALL festival) and Terry Riley (who I later ran into and told him was the best thing I’d seen that night! Don’t know if he appreciated it cos I was super drunk at the time). Oh and I forgot to bring my camera so look how crap my phone pic is of Terry!

Bumped into Justin Spears (of 6 Music Professor fame) DJing in the Irish Bar, he had a lot of drunk people swinging to his tunes til 3am and ended the night at G3’s Chalet party and visiting Butlin’s church!!


Woke up fully clothed (with my shoes on even!!) in a bed with 2 friends pretty much sums up the ATP experience. Headed back to my chalet and found my chalet buddies rushing off to Splashworld so I joined them. I was a bit disappointed as we got to Splashworld just before Wet Sounds started so they had shut the slides!! “You can’t hear the music when you’re on the slides” was how the lifeguard explained it. Yes, but I want slides AND music, can’t we share the pool? They squished a couple hundred music geeks in swimsuits into the lap’s pool on the side to enjoy the Wet Sounds experience which in theory is a very neat idea – they put speakers under the water and you can hear music only when you are submerged. The thing is it’s all kind of weird ambient stuff, some spooky voices here and there. I’ve been to it before in London Fields Lido last summer and really enjoyed it. The City Shanty Band played that one which was amazingly fun. It was less special indoors and the second time.

I watched a few bands, curators Animal Collective, who were much much better than last time I saw them (Green Man 2009, when they had to ask the BBC NEVER to broadcast the recording of that concert – THAT is how bad they were). Sat in the back and relaxingly took in Beach House (who I had been lucky enough to see in London last year), stood in a crowd unable to see (pain of being short and being friends with taller people) most of the set watching Kurt Vile, I had missed him at SXSW because I had decided to eat a salad at Whole Foods across the road from where he was playing instead. Sometimes vitamins and food are more important than bands. I don’t even take drugs but somehow I managed to dance up a storm for 2 hours with Fenner and his friends to Omar-S in Reds til 3am. I was dumb enough to think Omar-S was just an abbreviated way of writing Omar Souleyman, how wrong I was. Omar-S is a house DJ!! So not a Syrian pop singer.

Went to a chalet party in E Block somewhere where I met a girl from Vancouver, Lorraine, who I’ve apparently met before and we know all the same people! Love that stuff when it happens. Random meetings in random places with people who are like-minded. Two more chalet parties later ended up back at G3 where they had 40 randoms at about 6AM. I left them to deal with it and went to bed at 7AM for the second night in a row!


Splashworld again! This time with a hangover and got to go down my favourite slides! Best band I saw this day was Prince Rama – 2 sisters from Brooklyn brought up Hare Krishna in Florida. I had never heard of them but was pleasantly surprised. I felt pretty rough this day and almost spent the evening on the couch of our chalet watching crap movies on Channel 5. Making a decision to start drinking port (I know!!) I got back on it and went out and saw Micachu for the first time in YEARS and some Gang Gang Dance, Teen Girl Fantasy and got to ride the simulator, play air hockey and won about 8 tickets (you need 3000 to exchange for even the smallest prize haha!!). That’s the best thing about ATP, you get to enjoy the fun n cheesy Butlins’ activities while drinking and watching bands. I couldn’t ask for anything more.

I passed out at 4:30am mid-conversation with Liv and Merida (sorry about that guys!).

Even though it had the worst line up of any ATP I’ve been to, they only had 2 stages instead of 3 and I missed going on the funfair AGAIN, it was still one of the best weekends I’ve had all year and I wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world. Love you ATP, see you in December xo

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It’s that time of year again MAY which means yet another ATP fun filled weekend at Butlins Minehead! I made the mistake (as I think most people did) of buying tickets asap to the uber sold out Pavement curated ATP before knowing any of the line up and as it worked out the Matt Groening one was half empty but had a far superior line up. Oops. Next time I will know to follow my Simpsons heart and go with MG.

But it was still an amazing weekend with lots of drunken antics, splashworld, cute boys, bands and I didn’t end up in A&E this time!


– Lucy sneaking in a full bottle of prosecco
– Anastasia sleeping under a coffee table
– Everyone in Finnegan’s fish & chips shop singing along to “Stereo” during Pavement
– Watching the Fall from Burger King
– People crowd surfing to Omar Souleyman
– Going down slides and playing in Splashworld with Surfer Blood

Anastasia asleep under our coffee table…

The best thing I saw all weekend was Omar Souleyman. A Syrian pop legend. He’s been making music since 1994 and according to the internet has released 500 albums – I have absolutely no idea how that is possible !?!? He played for 2 hours in Reds and people went ballistic, crowd surfing and dancing. I just HAD to see him again (plus I really wanted to buy a t-shirt) so found out he was playing the Scala Monday night when I returned to London. I literally popped home for a 2 hour power nap and ran out again.

I just love the fact that every song pretty much sounds EXACTLY the same give or take the tempo of the drum machine. He’s got about 3 different moves that he alternates as well, shaking the mic, clapping and gesturing with both hands up for more love from the crowd. He does these moves while strolling back and forth across the stage occasionally singing or shouting “eh! eh! eh!” At the Scala he had a dancer on for a few songs and was accompanied by a keyboard wizard and guy on guitar. I definitely recommend checking him out he’s got loads of summer European dates and possibly some in America.

After the Scala I raced on my bike over to the Stag’s Head to try and catch the end of the Crocodiles who I reeeeally wanted to see. Unfortunately it was all over by the time I arrived. Typical! Still I met Robin Crocodile who was lovely and her best friend lives in Vancouver so we had something random in common. Completely missed Human Hair who I hadn’t seen since we played spin the bottle in Brighton last month, speaking of which there ended up being a late night spin the bottle game at the Stag’s and even Matty and Zack snogged! Photographic evidence once the Bluetooth on my phone starts working properly!

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ATP Videos. . .

These are from last weekend… obviously poorly shot while I was hammered trying to hold my little camera phone steady. Not the best quality lets just say.

The first one is Fucked Up – headlining the Centre Stage on the Saturday Night of My Bloody Valentine’s Nightmare Before Xmas ATP.

This second one is of No Age who I thought were one of the best bands of the festival but looking at this video it looks horrible – I hope it’s just the shit quality on my phone and not the fact I was watching them through drunk eyes.

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What a weekend ????
Where to start? Seriously the most epic crazy weekend of 2009. Highlights — Bob Mould with No Age, drinking champagne backstage 2 nights in a row (Buzzcocks & Fucked Up’s booze), going to A&E at 8am sunday morning, Splashworld, everyone in my chalet seeing me naked, being hit on by 50 year old rockstars etc

Day 1

The first night I was uber excited cos the Buzzcocks were playing and Pete Shelley is an old friend of mine (in both ways of the word – ha!). I hadn’t seen him or the band for about 5 years. I love watching the Buzzcocks cos everyone knows all the words and you can sing n shout along. My friend Jen was drunk enough to go up to the stage manager afterwards and say “Tell PETE Shelley Mar from Vancouver is here !!!” haha… I was thinking there’s no way they are gonna pass on that drunken message but sure enough they did and we were invited back for champagne. Weird coincidence that their newish drummer (4 years) was once in a band with a guy I work with.

buzzcocks reunion 2009

Buzzcocks were driving BACK to London that night so we decided to “take” their rider back to our chalet. We carried 2 crates of beer, cider, wine back and had a supply for the rest of the weekend. Then it was off to the Crazy Horse for drunken dance times and I did bump into Ian Svenonios finally – he remembered the interview I did with him 10 years ago but didn’t remember me. Booo ! haha. Well I wouldn’t expect him too. I don’t even remember people from 4 months ago sometimes. Stayed up til 7am chalet parties etc were involved.

Day 2

Woke up and went to Splashworld – the greatest hangover cure EVER and one of my favourite things about ATP. We did all the slides that were open, went around the rapids a few times, played in the wave pool and sat in the hot tub. Nice one. Then off to watch bands Sonic Youth (the busiest gig of the festival) and The Horrors. Then we went to Jen’s friend’s birthday chalet party and bumped into Jonah Fucked Up who I had been trying to get a hold of all day so good coincidence! We drank white russians (mine being soymilk vegan ones) and then ran around the abandoned ghost chalet world at butlins. Scary stuff.

abandoned butlins chalet

I left Jen passed out face down on the couch in our chalet and ran off with five 18 year old boys to watch No Age and Fucked Up. Soooooooo GOOD. No Age had Bob Mould on as a guest for part of their set. Jen came bouncing along after being sick in the No Age pitt. Who knows how she does it ? After Fucked Up I ended up backstage AGAIN drinking their champagne and generally being an annoying drunk. I dragged Damian to Crazy horse where I have a slight memory of being uber drunk talking shit with Justin Spears sat sipping champagne on the dance floor. Just sat there. I saw Justin the next day and was like “can you please forget ANYTHING I said last night??” He promised to wipe it from his mind. After Crazy Horse it all gets a little blurry until 7AM when we were back in the chalet and I thought it would be a good idea to make pasta (I’m one of those hungry drunks who wants to eat the world after a few drinks). Well somehow I knocked the saucepan of boiling water onto the side of my stomach and gave myself a serious burn. Luckily one of my chalet – mates was a doctor. They had me in the bath with cold water. I was basically naked screaming and crying in pain in front of all 6 of the people in my chalet. They rang Butlins and a Butlins man came and drove me and Jen to A&E. I was only wearing tiny shorts and t-shirt (no shoes or socks) Jen was being sick from drinking. We got to A&E and I was still screaming and swearing at the nurses “make it fucking stop hurting !!!” Jen was sick in the disabled loos. They managed to make it “fucking stop” hurting and bandaged me up. The Butlins man had waited and drove us back to our chalet and I was in bed by 8am.

Day 3

Being severely hungover, unable to go to Splashworld and covered in bandages I didn’t really do too much this day. Got my ex boyfriend who happened to be at ATP to take me back to the medical centre to get my bandages changed. I fell asleep during Bob Mould’s set, saw a bit of Pains of Being Pure at Heart who were AWESOME and loud and finally saw My Bloody Valentine (the curators). Then back to our chalet for ATP TV and bed. Jen brought back a girl named Sarah who left about 4am but was so wasted she went AWOL and her friends came looking for her at 6AM and after not finding her just went back to London without her. Doh! Luckily I can report she took a 6 hour bus ride home and is safe.

I got back to London at 430PM on the Monday and managed to go out at 6PM and DJ at the Social for Bethan Elfyn’s xmas party. I don’t know HOW I did it. I am still in pain from the weekend and that’s probably why.

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