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What a weekend ????
Where to start? Seriously the most epic crazy weekend of 2009. Highlights — Bob Mould with No Age, drinking champagne backstage 2 nights in a row (Buzzcocks & Fucked Up’s booze), going to A&E at 8am sunday morning, Splashworld, everyone in my chalet seeing me naked, being hit on by 50 year old rockstars etc

Day 1

The first night I was uber excited cos the Buzzcocks were playing and Pete Shelley is an old friend of mine (in both ways of the word – ha!). I hadn’t seen him or the band for about 5 years. I love watching the Buzzcocks cos everyone knows all the words and you can sing n shout along. My friend Jen was drunk enough to go up to the stage manager afterwards and say “Tell PETE Shelley Mar from Vancouver is here !!!” haha… I was thinking there’s no way they are gonna pass on that drunken message but sure enough they did and we were invited back for champagne. Weird coincidence that their newish drummer (4 years) was once in a band with a guy I work with.

buzzcocks reunion 2009

Buzzcocks were driving BACK to London that night so we decided to “take” their rider back to our chalet. We carried 2 crates of beer, cider, wine back and had a supply for the rest of the weekend. Then it was off to the Crazy Horse for drunken dance times and I did bump into Ian Svenonios finally – he remembered the interview I did with him 10 years ago but didn’t remember me. Booo ! haha. Well I wouldn’t expect him too. I don’t even remember people from 4 months ago sometimes. Stayed up til 7am chalet parties etc were involved.

Day 2

Woke up and went to Splashworld – the greatest hangover cure EVER and one of my favourite things about ATP. We did all the slides that were open, went around the rapids a few times, played in the wave pool and sat in the hot tub. Nice one. Then off to watch bands Sonic Youth (the busiest gig of the festival) and The Horrors. Then we went to Jen’s friend’s birthday chalet party and bumped into Jonah Fucked Up who I had been trying to get a hold of all day so good coincidence! We drank white russians (mine being soymilk vegan ones) and then ran around the abandoned ghost chalet world at butlins. Scary stuff.

abandoned butlins chalet

I left Jen passed out face down on the couch in our chalet and ran off with five 18 year old boys to watch No Age and Fucked Up. Soooooooo GOOD. No Age had Bob Mould on as a guest for part of their set. Jen came bouncing along after being sick in the No Age pitt. Who knows how she does it ? After Fucked Up I ended up backstage AGAIN drinking their champagne and generally being an annoying drunk. I dragged Damian to Crazy horse where I have a slight memory of being uber drunk talking shit with Justin Spears sat sipping champagne on the dance floor. Just sat there. I saw Justin the next day and was like “can you please forget ANYTHING I said last night??” He promised to wipe it from his mind. After Crazy Horse it all gets a little blurry until 7AM when we were back in the chalet and I thought it would be a good idea to make pasta (I’m one of those hungry drunks who wants to eat the world after a few drinks). Well somehow I knocked the saucepan of boiling water onto the side of my stomach and gave myself a serious burn. Luckily one of my chalet – mates was a doctor. They had me in the bath with cold water. I was basically naked screaming and crying in pain in front of all 6 of the people in my chalet. They rang Butlins and a Butlins man came and drove me and Jen to A&E. I was only wearing tiny shorts and t-shirt (no shoes or socks) Jen was being sick from drinking. We got to A&E and I was still screaming and swearing at the nurses “make it fucking stop hurting !!!” Jen was sick in the disabled loos. They managed to make it “fucking stop” hurting and bandaged me up. The Butlins man had waited and drove us back to our chalet and I was in bed by 8am.

Day 3

Being severely hungover, unable to go to Splashworld and covered in bandages I didn’t really do too much this day. Got my ex boyfriend who happened to be at ATP to take me back to the medical centre to get my bandages changed. I fell asleep during Bob Mould’s set, saw a bit of Pains of Being Pure at Heart who were AWESOME and loud and finally saw My Bloody Valentine (the curators). Then back to our chalet for ATP TV and bed. Jen brought back a girl named Sarah who left about 4am but was so wasted she went AWOL and her friends came looking for her at 6AM and after not finding her just went back to London without her. Doh! Luckily I can report she took a 6 hour bus ride home and is safe.

I got back to London at 430PM on the Monday and managed to go out at 6PM and DJ at the Social for Bethan Elfyn’s xmas party. I don’t know HOW I did it. I am still in pain from the weekend and that’s probably why.


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