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(this is from the week before xmas)

I don’t know how I can possibly fit this into one blog I must have seen about 20 bands in the past 7 nights starting with May 68, Wolfgang, Wild Wolves, Is Tropical, Django Django, Veronica Falls, Cate Le Bon, Slow Club, The Pictish Trail, Abi Makes Music, Delooze, Veronica Falls (AGAIN!), Teen Sheikhs, Male Bonding and many more I can’t even remember.

Young & Lost club had a free xmas party at the Legion last Tuesday. May 68 were playing a newish band from Manchester who are so tight I thought someone was DJing when I walked in – didn’t even sound live! I really like them and want to hear more from them soon. Their demo is sold out already BUT you can download all the tracks for FREE from Last.fm here: http://www.last.fm/music/may+68

Is Tropical was next. I liked their drummer’s handkerchief. That’s all I’ve got to say.

Wolf Gang are uber pop but their song “The King And All His Men” is ace!

The following night I went BACK to the Legion. Two nights in a row is a bit much even for me. Alfredo was there bartending though and I tried their Four Roses spirit which is served in a jam jar. Weird.

This was a free Rough Trade gig. Django Django were on first and I hadn’t seen them since spring so it was nice to see them again. I really like them actually. Good band!

Django Django

Veronica Falls headlined. The last (and first) time I saw Veronica Falls was the night Michael Jackson died, they played in Brixton. I’m now always going to associate their band with MJ. Weird. Anyway, back then I was really into their “Found Love In a Graveyard” song and now I’m super into “Beachy Head”.

They haven’t even realised anything yet (something should be out this coming year on Captured Tracks) but they play around more than ANY other London band. Just in the past week they’ve done about 4 London gigs. I saw them again Sunday evening opening for Male Bonding at Barden’s Boudoir and Bob Franz Ferdinand was there watching – that’s always a good sign. Half of Veronica Falls is from Glasgow so they’re probably just friends but it’s always a good sign if there’s some celebs in the audience. When I saw Frankie & the Heartstrings last month Jarvis Cocker and Steve Lamacq were both in the front row and now they’re A-list playlist on 6Music.

Next up Slow Club‘s beautiful Christmas gig at the Union Chapel. Oh My God. What a fucking amazing venue. Seriously can’t believe I haven’t been there after living in London for 5.5 years. It’s my new favourite venue apart from the fact you can’t actually drink there! As it’s a real in use church there is no alcohol except in a designated bar or backstage. Becky Slow Club did sneak some on stage though during her set. Bumped into loads of people Huw Stephens, Gabriel You Twenties, Robin Male Bonding and all the Moshi Moshi lot. Good times!

Then it was off to Dalston to see Larry Tee DJ at Dalston Superstore. I love that this man created Electroclash, Ru Paul‘s career and has been DJing for probably 30 years yet he now lives in London Fields. I keep bumping into him everywhere and he is the loveliest man. Told me he hasn’t had alcohol since 1979! Amazing, that’s longer than I have been alive. This night got messy, whenever I hang out with lesbians I always seem to light sambucca on fire in my mouth and of course that happened.

Larry Tee

Friday was the LAST ever Meat Raffle hosted by Babyface Dave and Milan. My band The Duloks played a christmassey gig wearing santa hats and red & white. We even attempted our interpretation of “We Three Kings”. Haha. I ended up drinking an entire bottle of port staying til the end (and it was at Catch one of the worst venues in Shoreditch) then going to the Hobby Horse to meet up with the Club The Mammoth boys and be an annoying drunk. Very embarrassed.

I was totally dead the next day and only made it out for a few hours to support Abi Dulok in her solo endeavours as Abi Makes Music. She played a Bangers & Mash night at 93 Feet East – another East London venue which sucks balls – over priced drinks, door charge and it was FREEZING! Get some heat! Abi is quite funny between songs as she rants about her family, being a lesbian and other drunken antics. She lost her keyboard that night in the 93 Feet East loos – how is this possible you ask? I do not know. Only Abi can attempt such a feat.

Abi Making Music

Sunday night was the aforementioned Male Bonding gig at Barden’s which included the last EVER performance of Teen Sheikhs and Veronica Falls again. I went mainly because I’ve never ever seen Male Bonding and that’s ridiculous. They’ve even been to my work for a BBC session but I was off ill that day so I missed them. Robin is my favourite London drummer, if not just my favourite current drummer. He’s so GOOD. He makes any band he’s in. I first saw him in Bullet Union who I fell in love with and then they broke up a month later. Oops. I was a bit late on that one. He’s also been in Rat Att Agg and Your Twenties.

Monday night I REALLY REALLY wanted to see Pet Shop Boys at the O2 but couldn’t find anyone to go with me or blag in some way. I should have asked around earlier because after reading people’s facebook status’ it seems like I DO actually have quite a few friends who a) went to the gig and/or b) actually like Neil & Chris (probably not as much as I do). It had snowed as well so getting around that evening was a bit shit. So I opted for the Gaggle Xmas Party at the George Tavern on Commercial Road as I could walk there. I had to warn my friend though that I looked about 5 years old in little sailor patterned wellies, red bobble hat (toque for Canadians) and parka & mittens. He just laughed at me. A Gaggle girl took a few photos of me as I was coming in. It was kind of a bizarro gig with teenagers playing and weird stand offish bar tenders. I didn’t stay long and basically just sat chatting to some friends.

Ok – I did it! 7 gigs in 7 days. Now I am officially off to Toronto my second favourite city in the world for 4 days. GOOD BYE !


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