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Benni in his new red long johns

The return of my FAVOURITE London club night was a bit disappointing. When I say return – it hasn’t actually gone anywhere I just haven’t been in 2 years. Last night was it’s first venture at the newish Shoreditch venue, the Book Club, which happens to be 5 seconds from it’s old home, Favela Chic.

I remember the days when if you didn’t get there by 8pm you’d queue for 3 hours and be lucky to get squeezed in. Well we got there at 9pm and it was pretty dead. Things did pick up in the end and there was plenty of swapping but it wasn’t the sweaty / dirty dance party I remembered. The idea of Swap-A-Rama is they play all sorts of super fun music you can dance to and about every 5 minutes or so a klaxon goes off and you have to swap an item of clothing with someone around you. The more crazy and wacky the clothes the better. People end up in ridiculous things, half naked, men in dresses etc It’s a really good party and guranteed if you are single to snog someone! I promise.

I had a LOT of left over clothes from past Halloween parties and Swap nights to unload. This stripey dress below is filled with Lidl carrier bags a creation by my friend “crazy scottish david”. This girl got it at the beginning of the night and did NOT let go of it ALL night. She was so excited for something that’s been cluttering up my livingroom for the past 3 years.

bring out the beast - best t-shirt slogan EVER

I ran off to a weird abandoned pub party in Clapton. They have bands playing there but we missed them all. They had this weird platform hanging from the ceiling – I wanted climb up but it was too high for me. There was no heat and everyone was a lot drunker than me so I went home to my warm bed and some instant noodles.


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